About Us

AEIR Dental is modern spa styled Dentistry practice that was inspired by the professionalism and ethics of Dr. Ed Williamson, D.M.D and the driven eccentricity of his dynamic partner, Arlene Williamson, B.A. D.A. Their passion for dedicated dental care was what brought them to start AEIR Dental in the Northwest of Aspen Woods in Calgary. Nestled conveniently in the corner of quiet strip mall you’ll find that they are where you need them. Of course if you’re prone to arriving early there is always the Tim’s 50 ft away to grab your first or last coffee of the day. However most would take in the relaxing atmosphere of their spa styled interior and catch up on a text or email. Rest assured we’ll help you with some of the issues around dental care. We even have our own association with PayBright to help cover expenses that your dental plan may not. We’ve seen to everything, including the fact that Dr. Ed is well versed in English, French and Spanish. Thank you for taking the time to read about AEIR Dental. Email or call us for other information you may require.